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Dread Central : Hail to the Deadites to Honor Evil Dead Fans in Upcoming Documentary

Nov 1, 2013   //   News, Press

“Director Steve Villeneuve and his crew are out and about creating a brand new documentary about another quite ravenous horror fanbase, those that love the Evil Dead series. They’ll be the featured subjects in Villeneuve’s upcoming documentary Hail to the Deadites.”

Read more: http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/71797/hail-deadites-honor-evil-dead-fans-upcoming-documentary#ixzz2x2HFYeYB
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Dread central

Igor’s Lab : HAIL TO THE DEADITES Evil Dead Fan Documentary

Oct 20, 2013   //   News, Press

Here is a trailer for a film dealing with fans of the EVIL DEAD trilogy called HAIL TO THE DEADITES. In this sneak peek of the documentary we see one of the fans featured in the film and her collection of the EVIL DEAD films. She has everything from the films, poster, toys, books, etc and according to the filmmaker it took two hours to see all her stuff…Click HERE to read the entire article

Igor lab

HorrorBug : ‘Hail to the Deadites’, new ‘The Evil Dead’ Documentary in the Works

Oct 19, 2013   //   News, Press

DiggerFilms’ Steve Villeneuve has a new horror documentary in the works; ‘Hail to the Deadites’, a documentary about the fans of the classic horror series ‘The Evil Dead’. This is the second documentary of the director and producer, following ‘Under the Scares’ (2010), which was released after it’s world premiere at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York. Come on inside for a sneak peak of ‘Hail to the Deadites’, and details how you can contribute via IndieGoGo….CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING


Deadites Slayer : Hail to the Deadites: A documentary about Evil Dead fans needs your help!

Oct 15, 2013   //   News, Press

Evil Dead fans are among the most enthusiastic, passionate, knowledgeable and loyal fans in the world. Hail to the Deadites is a new documentary in development that focuses on just that. Following around some of the biggest and devoted fans, whether they are collectors, cosplayers, or ranting in message boards, the documentary will take a look behind the fans that make the franchise what it is today...” Click HERE to read the entire article.

Deadites Slayer

Deadites Online : Hail to the Deadites Documentary Film Needs Your Help

Oct 15, 2013   //   News, Press

Steve Villeneuve, a Canadian documentary filmmaker and huge Evil Dead fan needs your help funding his Evil Dead documentary Hail to the Deadites. In his documentary Steve will be interviewing passionate Evil Dead fans from all over the world who will be discussing their passions for the Evil Dead films as well as showing off their collections.”…. Visit the Deadites Online website to read the entire article.

Deadites Online